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Certification brings greater trust to Canadians’ health information

Certification signals to employers that a health information professional is credible and has a demonstrated commitment to the industry.

Certified professionals in health information are overseen by the Canadian College of Health Information Management and must adhere to a professional code of ethics. They become part of the professional registry and are eligible to use their professional designation(s) after their name (e.g., Mary Smith, CHIM).

Certification may be a requirement within organizations and can lead to greater earning potential or career advancement opportunities. 


A Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) professional is competent in many different practice areas, including information governance, data quality, clinical knowledge, analytics, privacy, and technology.


A certified specialist is recognized in industry for their particular area of expertise. Certifications are currently available for classification and coding (CCCS), terminology standards (CTSS), and clinical documentation improvement (CCDIS).


To learn about the recertification process for inactive certified professional members, visit the recertification page.