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Classification and coding specialists decipher clinical documentation, influence decision making, and input impactful data.

They play an integral part in a patient’s journey through the health care system.

The classification and coding process of health care data is an already complex function that will only continue to increase in complexity. The classification and coding of health care data in a standardized format make it easy to store, retrieve, and catalogue for statistical and individual uses on an aggregate or granular basis. The accuracy of the coded data affects health care decisions, planning, funding, research, and more. The data is transformed into meaningful information to accelerate improvements with health care, system performance, and population health across many jurisdictions. Government policymakers use coded data to make policy decisions about our health systems and the care within them.


The Certified Classification and Coding Specialist (CCCS) designation was developed for CHIM professionals with 5+ years of classification and coding experience in acute inpatient settings.

This certification will give CHIM professionals who are interested in continuing their education a competitive edge in their job search, as well as greater job satisfaction. It creates a greater assurance for high quality and accurate coding that encourages continuous quality improvement. This professional designation, along with experience, can be a catalyst to progress your career into roles including, but not limited to, auditors, analysts, and leadership positions.

Maintenance of certification

The requirements for upholding and maintaining this professional designation are as follows:

  1. Annual membership renewal with the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) 
  2. Upholding of the professional code of ethics
  3. Completion of the required continuing professional education (CPE) credits as per the timeframe set forth in the CPE policy

Failure to meet any of these criteria may result in decertification.

Learn about the CCCS national certification examination 

In the CCCS NCE guide the following sections are presented: 

  • Section 1: About the CCCS NCE
  • Section 2: Examination application
  • Section 3: Preparing for the examination
  • Section 4: Writing the examination
  • Section 5: Receiving results