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Looking to earn a CHIM designation in Canada and currently hold a certification from AHIMA, HIMAA, or KAHIME?

International, certified health information professionals may be eligible to write the Certified in Health Information Management (CHIM) national certification examination (NCE).

Read the frequently asked questions and answers below for more information on leveraging an international health information certification to become certified in Canada.

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Frequently asked questions

What professional designations are accepted through the AHIMA, HIMAA, or KAHIME reciprocal agreements?


Is my Certified Professional Coder (CPC) designation from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) valid to code medical charts in Canada?

No. Most medical coding positions in Canada require the CHIM designation. When evaluating and comparing job applicants, hiring managers may consider candidate experience or the CPC designation.

How do I apply to write the CHIM NCE?

Are there any eligibility requirements I should know about with reciprocal agreements?

Yes, each reciprocal agreement can vary. Please review the one applicable to you.

If I pass the CHIM NCE, what happens next?

You will become:
– A Certified Health Information Management professional with the Canadian College of Health Information Management and can use the CHIM designation
– A professional member with CHIMA, Canada’s health information management association