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Launch of the modernized CHIM NCE

The Canadian College of Health Information Management (College) is pleased to announce the launch of the modernized Certified in Health Information Management (CHIM) national certification examination (NCE).

Since 2018, the College has been working through consultations and engagements to modernize the health information management curricular standards to ensure an inclusive and diverse profession. The modernized CHIM NCE has evolved from the Learning Outcomes for Health Information Management v3 (LOHIM v3) and has been designed for graduates of programs accredited within our modernized curricular standards, covering the Health Information Fundamentals certificate, HIM diploma, and HIM degree programs. To learn more about the modernized standards, please watch this session on the evolution of our standards.

The existing CHIM NCE questions have been validated and majority aligned to the new standard. All questions were reviewed and validated by experts in the field. Where required, questions were modernized.

Examination resources are available for examination candidates to use in preparation for the CHIM NCE. A new navigator to connect candidates to the appropriate examination resources can be found here on the site:

Learn more about the CHIM NCE and the professional designation.

We would like to thank our question creators, reviewers, and advisors who advanced this work for the College:

Andrea Lorette, CHIM

Janice GT Penner, BRE, BEd, MEd.

Janice Spence, CHIM, CTSS

Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE


Kelly Davison, MN, MSc, GCert-HTS, CTSS 

Laura Krawec, CHIM

Lee-Anne Carr, CHIM

Marla Erdelyan, CIAPP-M, CHIM

Michael McGill, CHIM, CIAPP-P

Rita Parmar, CHIM, CCDIS

Seana-Lee Hamilton, CHIM

Sue Schneider, CHIM, CTSS

To engage with us in the future and help advance our impact, please consider becoming involved in our CHIMA communities

For questions, please contact us.

Note: The current CHIM NCE aligned to the LOHIM v3 will still be available for current accredited HIM programs until 2029.