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Employers with registration staff

Employers who have registration staff may support them to become certified health information associates.

Please read the frequently asked questions and answers below for more information on becoming a certified associate.

Frequently asked questions

How will employers benefit from an employee who holds this designation?

The formal education and certification of these critical professionals at the beginning of the information lifecycle signal quality and trust to potential employers and Canadians and bring visibility and credibility to the workforce. 

By providing program graduates with industry-requested skills, employers will gain assurance, knowing that graduates are keeping up with advancements in health information and are in good standing.

How do my employees prepare for the HICA NCE?

A HICA NCE primer and a practice examination have been developed to assist examination applicants in their preparation for the examination.

Learn more in the HICA NCE guide, section 3: Studying for the examination for study resources.