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Why certification mattersCertified professionals reduce organizational risk by protecting sensitive health information

Certified health information professionals are equipped to ensure an organization is well-prepared to handle Canadians’ most sensitive and intimate data.

Why organizations should look for certification in health information:

Reduce organizational risk

Health information is considered to be a person’s most sensitive information, and the consequences of handling it inappropriately can be severe. Organizations that employ certified health information professionals reduce their chance of encountering financial, ethical, and health-related risks. 

Oversight by the Canadian College of Health Information Management

Certified professionals in health information are overseen by the Canadian College of Health Information Management and adhere to a professional code of ethics. Self-regulated by peers and the College, certified professionals are held to a higher standard of practice and continuing education requirements.

An indicator of knowledge

Professionals certified through the Canadian College of Health Information Management meet eligibility criteria that may include graduating from a health information program accredited by the College or fulfilling the requirements for an advanced standing pathway.

Ongoing and relevant education

All certified health information professionals are required to participate in the continuing professional education program. This program is designed to ensure they build on their knowledge and remain relevant in the ever-evolving health information industry.