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Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy: Building Canada's Health Data Foundation report cover

Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy Expert Advisory Group Report 2: Building Canada’s Health Data Foundation

The Canadian College of Health Information Management and CHIMA has joined other thought leaders in an expert advisory group for the Public Health Agency of Canada’s pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy.

COVID-19, while devastating, has conclusively demonstrated the value of standardized national health data, providing a rare, cross-cutting opportunity to leverage the strengths of Canada’s federation – its diversity, and leading intellectual capital – to re-assert Canada’s position as a world leader in health data collection, exchange, and use. Together, individuals, decision-makers, health workforce leaders, researchers and innovators can deliver better health outcomes for all. This will result in the sustainable health sector that all persons living in Canada need and expect.

Canada can deliver better health outcomes and retake its place as a world leader through firm action. This second of three planned reports provides recommendations for a health data strategy, supported by case studies, and an outline for needed actions in the first two years. It promotes a person-centric future state for Canada’s health sector driven by data. We provide concrete examples of system benefit if this opportunity is seized and implemented.

By working together, we can align the public voice, governance, policy, and standards towards a decisive action to achieve better outcomes for individuals, communitities, and all of Canada.

Dr. Vivek Goel, Chair, pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy Expert Advisory Group