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Health Information-Certified Associate Designation (HICA)

Empower your staff.
Decrease the Primary Care Burden.

Certify your medical office assistants with the HICA designation to bring greater efficiency, reliability, and professionalism to your office.

HICA professionals are knowledgeable in today’s most relevant practice areas

Clinical knowledge

Clinical knowledge relates to the study of the human body, medical terminology, and anatomy and physiology.

Health care technology

Health care technology requires the understanding of various electronic health information systems and the skills to navigate the electronic medical record (EMR) effectively and efficiently.

Professionalism in health care

Professionalism in health care requires strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively with an emphasis on privacy, confidentiality, and compliance with ethical expectations in health care.

Health care system

Understanding of health care systems, the health care continuum, and the evolution of each are required to appreciate health care delivery in Canada today including the patient advocacy role and the various roles of the health care team.

Health care office management

Health care office management principles, frameworks, policies, and processes that are necessary to support day-to-day operations and effectively manage health information in all formats to ensure data quality.

No additional schooling or time away from work required.

The HICA designation is designed for professionals integral to the success of your office

Decrease tasks handled by physicians

HICA professionals contribute critical day-to-day supports.

Reduce absenteeism of medical office assistants

HICA professionals are dedicated to the outcomes of their organization and patients.

Streamline your office management

HICA professionals are trained in professionalism and office management.

Improve employee retention

Certification increases job satisfaction and contributes to employee retention.

Increase recognition of critical workers

Bring visibility and recognition to critical professionals in your office.

Enhance professionalism

Elevate the first point of contact in your office by certificating your medical office assistants.

Certify your office with the HICA designation

Established medical office assistants are eligible to take the HICA national certification exam with no additional schooling or time away from work.

Connect with the Canadian College of Health Information Management to discuss the benefits and process of the HICA designation.