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Esri Canada

Esri Canada contributes GIS training and resources to the College Educational Resources Program (CERP).

Educational resources

Through a joint partnership with Esri Canada and CHIMA,
the following resources will be made available to CERP subscribers.

How does GIS support HIM curriculum?  

Additional Learning Resources

Frequently asked questions

What is GIS?

GIS stands for geographic information system. GIS is powerful technology that integrates data from various sources using location as the unifying factor. You can use GIS to collect and manage data, visualize it as a map and share it with others to support collaboration and better decision making.

Why is learning GIS important?

The power of geographic information system (GIS) technology and location intelligence is emerging as a game-changer for health systems focused on delivering personalized care. Understanding ‘where’ is central to how we prioritize public health interventions and to ensure physicians, nurses, and facility operations managers can optimally prepare themselves and their clinics for the unique health demands of their communities.

Location-based data and GIS technology can underscore coverage gaps in the populations we hope to reach, to plan for and mitigate against unforeseen events, and to improve how we manage and operate our healthcare facilities. Health informatics management professionals are using GIS to streamline and improve healthcare utilization and access, distribution of services, allocation of resources, disparities in care or access, and strategic planning.

Explore building healthy communities using GIS

How long have CHIMA and Esri Canada worked together?

CHIMA and Esri Canada have worked together since 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Esri’s GIS technology enabled the Global COVID-19 Map Dashboard by Johns Hopkins University, the COVID-19 Canada Resources Hub, as well as numerous other apps for monitoring and addressing COVID-19. CHIMA has identified mapping and spatial analysis as essential skills for HIM professionals to learn and has partnered with Esri Canada to deliver several webinars and presentations on GIS applications in health and provide training resources through the CHIMA GeoHub to members.

How do I get access to GIS training resources?

The CHIMA GeoHub is the best place for CHIMA members to start learning GIS. It includes several GIS tutorials and training resources, as well as access to Esri’s cloud-based GIS software, ArcGIS Online. Learn more and request access to the CHIMA GeoHub.

For other GIS in health training resources, contact Esri Canada at [email protected].