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CERP subscribers

Five diverse students are in a classroom setting. Four of the students are happily sitting at their desks, writing in notebooks. One student, a young female with long dark hair and olive skin tone is holding her notebook in her arms and smiling the direction of the front of the classroom.

Become a subscriber

Educational institutions may choose to subscribe to the College Educational Resources Program (CERP) to meet the needs of their staff and students.

Subscriber benefits

Partners subscribe annually to receive the following benefits:

  • Students and staff who are members of CHIMA gain access to College-approved educational resources at an institution-wide level.
  • Institutions receive brand recognition as a partner of the College with their logo and website featured at

Annual subscription fee

Paid for by the organization (e.g., educational institution), a $1,000 per year* annual subscription fee is due upon each anniversary date. *Plus, applicable taxes.

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