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Announcing the Accreditation of Conestoga College’s Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Honours) Program

Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Applied Learning is pleased to announce its Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Honours) [BAHIS] program has been reaccredited by theCanadian College of Health Information Management (CCHIM) for a nine-year period. Graduates of the BAHIS program are eligible to write the National Certification Exam (NCE) to earn a Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) professional designation. 

“The Canadian College of Health Information Management is proud to announce the accreditation of Conestoga of their Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Honours) [BAHIS] program on the modernized health information fundamental standards. CCHIM’s Health Information Management Degree standards allow for the advancement of Health Information knowledge by coupling health information literacy with deeper knowledge of different professional disciplines, further demonstrating the expansion of practice for those certified in health information. We are eager to support Conestoga’s students through certification and welcoming them into the profession.” Jeff Nesbitt, CEO & Registrar of the Canadian College of Health Information Management and CHIMA.

“We areproudto receive this validation fromCCHIM, whichacknowledgestheexceptional qualityof ourBAHISprogramandaffirms theexpertiseandknowledge of our graduates,” said Dr. Paula Gouveia, Vice-President Academic at Conestoga. “The BAHIS program achieved a significant milestone in 2014 by becoming thefirst Bachelor’s degree program in Canada to receive CCHIM accreditation. As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate further collaboration with CCHIM to equip our graduates for dynamic and fulfilling careers in the ever-evolving field of health informatics.”  

The first of its kind in Canada, the BAHIS program is a four-year Honours degree that integrates knowledge and skills from health information science, business intelligence, computer programming, information technology, and other disciplines to develop graduates capable of solving complex problems in healthcare.

Sandra Schelling, Vice-President, Enrolment Logistics and Executive Dean, Schools of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services, highlighted that “our program team is committed to continuous quality improvement and has worked diligently to align the BAHIS program with the new CCHIM curricular standards, including updated content on artificial intelligence, interoperability, information governance, decision support, advanced analytics, privacy, and security.” 

“BAHIS is a program designed to prepare graduates to be agile and responsive to the changing technologies and work environments in the field of health informatics. Our relationships with CCHIM, our Program Advisory Committee, and other industry partners provide valuable feedback and curricular guidance to ensure the program reflects the evolving needs of industry,” said Curt Monk, Chair of Informatics and Life Sciences at Conestoga. “Work-Integrated Learning in the program – including two paid co-op work terms of 420 hours each and a field placement of 150 hours – provides meaningful opportunities for students to connect what they are learning in the classroom with authentic experiences working in healthcare settings.” 

Beginning in September 2024, the BAHIS program will be offered in a hybrid-flexible (HyFlex) format, allowing students to choose whether to attend classes in-person or online.

“We’ve heard from both current and prospective students that having flexibility in how they attend classes will best support their learning. We are excited to offer this innovative HyFlex format as part of our ongoing efforts to support student success and enhance access to the BAHIS program to students across Canada,” said Kathleen Lavoie, BAHIS Program Coordinator and faculty member.  

Graduates of Health Information Management diploma programs seeking to further their education are eligible for advanced standing into the BAHIS program. To learn more, please visit the Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Honours) program page on Conestoga’s website.