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Submit the annual report

The requirements for a program to remain accredited include the submission of an annual report and an annual accreditation fee. Both the report and fee support the College’s quality assurance processes related to monitoring accreditation and the development and maintenance of accreditation standards.

Click here to submit the annual program accreditation fee.

Submit your annual report:

  • This is the address that the next steps will be emailed to.
  • If you select on-campus, it means the student is required to show up in person throughout parts of the program. If you select online, it means the entire program is virtual and there is no requirement to show up in person.
  • Current contact information

  • Job titles vary at each institution. Please provide a list of roles applicable to your institution.
    Job titleFirst nameLast nameEmailPhone number 
  • Program metrics

    Reporting cycle: September 1, 2020, to August 31, 2021
  • Standard length of full-time program
  • If yes, what is the standard length of your part-time program?
  • Select all applicable options.
  • Please type 'unlimited' if there is no cap.
  • # First year# Second year# Third year# Fourth year# Total students
  • # full-time# part-time
  • # full-time# part-time# adjunct
    Example: There was 1 full-time and 2 part-time instructors teaching the program during this reporting cycle.
  • Textbooks

  • TitleAuthor(s)Publication dateISBNProgram course code and title 
  • Consent